TAI ER was originally a popular local street food restaurant. The owner put his whole heart into developing his product but forgot to open the restaurant. The customers thought he was too silly and the optimistic owner concurred. So he named his restaurant "TAI ER" (meaning silly in Chinese) to represent his silliness.
TAI ER is an innovative internet catering brand mastered in the signature Suancai & Fish. TAI ER expresses the "ER" attitude in a way that meets the interests of young people, insists on the innovation of traditional culture, and advocates that Suancai tastes better than fish. It turns the 3000-year-old Suancai into a symbol of the Chinese trending culture. Its branches are located in most cities in China, mainly in first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The first Singapore branch opened in 2021 and the chain will continue to expand globally in the future.
TAI ER only own one brand "TAI ER Suancai & Fish". For any counterfeiting "TAI ER Suancai & Fish", We will seek legal actions to pursue legal responsibility. TAI ER is not open franchising, The information about TAI ER's franchising and agency online and the official website of the franchising are all fake! Please don't be deceived."


The Er Boss was often ridiculed for only knowing how to make Suancai & Fish. Until he personally made a table full of amazing dishes, and everyone was full of praises after eating. The Er Boss decided to take out these legendary classic dishes and innovate them, so that the traditional delicacies would last for a long time. Thus, the TAI ER LEGEND was born.
Comic Theme Store
TAI ER Comic Theme Store is a breakthrough of Two Dimensions. TAI ER takes the "grocery store" in the comic world to reality, you can have fish while "immersing" in the comic world. The "grocery store" is also full of treasures that waiting for you to explore!
Super Fan Store
Yu Shen is a loyal fan of TAI ER. As a flight attendant, when she flew to any city where TAI ER located, she visited and ate Suancai & Fish, except her hometown, Taiyuan. When TAI ER knew about her story, they immediately opened a super fan store in Taiyuan. The whole store packaged like a gift and opened by her on the opening day.